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LC Columns
ACE, Adsorbosphere, Allsep Anion, Allsphere, Alltima, Alltima HP, Apollo, Apex, Alltech Anion, Alltech Organic Acid, Alltech Anion Exclusion, Brava, Econosphere, Genesis, GreatSmart, Nucleosil, Jordi, Platinum, Prevail, Regis Chiral, Reprosil, SIELC, Vydac, Vision HT & ZirChrom
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HPLC Fittings & Accessories
HPLC Fittings,  Peek and Stainless Steel Tubing, Tubing Cutters, Adaptors, Back Pressure Regulator, Check Valves
GC Capillary Columns
Heliflex, Econocap, MEGA & Ohio Valley Capillary Brands


GC Packed Columns
Stainless Steel, Glass, PTFE, Copper and Nickel Packed GC Columns packed with an extensive range of Liquid Phases and Solid Supports 


Gas Chromatography Accessories
Gas Purification, Flowmeters, GC Septa, GC Ferrules, Tubing, Glass wool and related Accessories  


VICI Valco Valves & Accessories
Injectors, Selectors & Valves


Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges

Extract Clean, Gracepure, Maxi Clean Cartridges and Columns.  Empty Reservoirs, Frits and Bulk SPE Media.  Vacuum Manifolds and Related Accessories

Filtration Products
Syringe Filters, Mobile Phase Filtration, Vacuum Filter Funnels and Centrifuge Filter Devices


2ml Vials, Caps and Inserts
2ml Screw, Crimp, Snap, Limited Volume and Fused Insert Options -  Caps and Liners -  Flat Bottom, Conical, Bottom Spring, Conical Hanging and Integrated Spring Insert Options


Chem Service Analytical Standards
Chem Service, Inc. produces organic and inorganic reference standards for research and testing purposes. Chem Service offers a comprehensive line of analytical standards including pesticides, metabolites, PAH's, PBDE's, PCB's, phthalates, dyes, surfactants and vitamins to meet the specifications of EPA, DIN, ISO, ASTM, UST and many international methods.


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