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Avantor Hichrom

Founded in 1978, Hichrom are one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of ultra high performance and high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC & HPLC) columns and accessories before becoming part of the VWR chromatography family in 2015.


Chem Service

Chem Service is registered and certified for the design, development, production, distribution, and servicing of organic neat and synthetic reference materials.


Chrom 4

High Quality European supplier of Glass Vials for Chromatography including 2ml Screw, Crimp, Snap varieties, 1ml, 4ml Vials and Storage Options.

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Dr Maisch

“Any Column, Any Size, Any Media” Dr Maisch has expertise in developing new LC phases to cope with the increasing demand for new HPLC-columns, as well as the commonly accepted HPLC-phases already on the market.  They also produce Prep Column Packers and Supply Bulk LC Media.


MEGA GC Capillary Columns

MEGA has been producing GC Columns in Italy for over 40 years. Today MEGA offers an extensive range of Capillary Columns and Accessories to meet all GC Applications.

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Ohio Valley Specialty

Ohio Valley Specialty Company has been manufacturing GC liquid phases since 1966. Their OV phases such as OV-1, OV-17, and OV-624 can be found in GC labs around the world.  Ohio Valley offer an extensive range of GC Columns,  Phases and GC Consumables.

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Optimize Technologies

Optimize Technologies designs and manufactures a complete range of innovative HPLC components. The Optimize product family is divided into two sections - the first covers general HPLC components, such as filtration accessories, column protection devices, and analytical columns - products that are suitable for use on any HPLC. The second section includes maintenance parts and upgrade kits designed for specific HPLC systems.


Regis Technologies

Since 1972, Regis Technologies, Inc. has been a leader in HPLC and SFC chiral separations. They are a proud and trusted supplier of high-quality chromatography products and unique chiral stationary phases.


SIELC Technologies

Founded in 2002 by former Pfizer scientists. They have pioneered modern mixed-mode HPLC separation, and developed innovative solutions in column chemistry and in chromatography equipment. SIELC is geared towards the future; always finding better and more productive ways to conduct chromatography.


S*Pure Pte Ltd

A supplier of well established SPE Cartridge Brands,  Extract Clean, Maxi Clean, SEClute and Vydac Bioselect, many which have been in production for over 30 years.  Aside from SPE Cartridges, S*Pure supply Vacuum Manifolds, SPE Accessories and Bulk SPE Media.

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supplying accessories and consumables for fluid transfer in HPLC and LC. Their products include a complete line of tubing and capillaries, high and low pressure fingertight fittings and connection accessories, column hardware, high and low pressure filters, cutters and backpressure regulators.

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VICI Metronics

a leading manufacturer of devices and instruments that are used in the generation of calibration gas standards. The line includes Dynacal and G-Cal permeation tubes, Dynacalibrator calibration gas generators, and gas monitors. The Metronics facility also houses production of and support for ValcoBond and ValcoPLOT capillary columns, as well as high performance gas specific purifers suitable for use in GC/MS and LC/MS systems.

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VICI Valco

A leading designer and manufacturer of standard and custom valves and fittings for precision analytical, biomedical, and biocompatible instrumentation. Their product line also includes a wide range of related products such as pneumatic and electric actuators, tubing and sampling loops, heated enclosures, valve sequence and temperature controllers, gas purifiers, GC detectors, and digital interfaces.

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Zirchrom Separations

ZirChrom Separations, Inc. manufactures a full line of LC/MS friendly, ultra-durable zirconia and titania-based (HPLC) stationary phases. Columns packed with ZirChrom® phases offer unique chromatographic selectivity coupled with the high efficiency, low back pressure and excellent pore structure of rigid inorganic

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With more than 200 years of manufacturing experience in the production of high-performance products. To meet the demanding needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of molecular sieve zeolites, chromatography gels and deuterium labeled compounds.

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