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Image by National Cancer Institute


PhaseSep Pty Ltd is an Australian Company supplying Chromatography Products and Soutions to the Australian & New Zealand Scientific and Medical Laboratory Markets.  


Our brands and products are well recognised and have been well established in the local market for over 25 years.   PhaseSep Pty Ltd offers well respected Chromatography Products with over 30 years of experience to back them up.


Our Chromatography Product Lines are well established in the Industry including Avantor Hichrom ACE, Alltima, Alltima HP, Vydac and Prevail U/HPLC Columns.  We also offer Dr Maisch’s Reprosphere, Reprosil, Platinum and Vision HT. Finally, we offer specialty Chiral, Ion Exchange and Size Exclusion chemistries from Regis, SIELC and Jordi.  

Whether it’s a nano capillary up to the largest of Prep/Process Columns, we’re partnered with the right Companies to provide solutions to you!  Our Zeochem Silica Media can be packed into Flash and Prep Columns.

Our SPE is produced by S*Pure, including their Extract Clean,  Maxi Clean,  SEClute & Vydac Bioselect brands for Biological Compounds.
Empty Cartridges, Frits and Vacuum Manifolds round out the S*Pure product lin

Our GC Capillaries include the Heliflex, Econocap and MEGA GC Capillary brands.

When it comes to connecting, injecting, switching, purifying & filtering, our range of VICI Valco, VICI Metronics, VICI Precision, Ohio Valley Chromatography and Optimize Technologies products generally meet the needs of most Chromatography Applications.

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